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For the past 20 years, SF Spanish has offered carefully tailored language classes for adults and children in San Francisco, Oakland and Marin County.

Regular Class Types

We have three kinds of classes that run on a regular basis.

  • Group Classes
    Group classes consist of 3 or more students. These classes meet regularly in one of SF Spanish's offices in San Francisco.  The language proficiency level grows with the class -- you will stay within the same group as your Spanish improves. New Beginner students must buy a minimum of 16 classes in advance. View language level descriptions

  • Private Classes
    One-on-one classes with an SF Spanish instructor at any level of Spanish proficiency. Price is $110 per hour.

  • Semi-Private Classes
    Take a class with a friend. An SF Spanish instructor works with just 2 students in a Semi-Private Class. Price is $165 per 1.5 hours per two students.

Specialized Class Types

We also run specialized classes for those with specific language learning or professional needs. Here are descriptions for a couple of the more common ones.

  • Remote Classes
    These private classes are conducted over Skype video. For students who cannot travel to San Francisco, travel frequently, cannot commit to a regular time, or simply prefer to learn Spanish from the comfort of their home or office. If you have moved away from the Bay Area and still want to continue classes with SF Spanish, this is the option for you, too. Please call for pricing.

  • Medical Terminology Classes
    Private classes for medical students or professionals only. We can cover a broad range of medical disciplines. Please call for pricing. 

  • Other Specialized Classes
    One-on-one classes covering a student's specific needs. This can include speaking, writing or grammatical issues or instruction in a specific subject. Please call us for class suggestions and pricing.

Please note that all sales are final

What is the SF Spanish teaching style?

SF Spanish classes are comfortable learning environments for students at any level of Spanish language proficiency.  We offer both private and group classes. Whichever type of class you choose, lessons are organized around conversation, reading and weekly blogging homework. All classes focus on three things: building fluidity in speaking and comprehension, diversifying vocabulary, and perfecting pronunciation.

We realize that our students come from all ages and backgrounds and bring a variety of opinions and reasons for coming to class.  With this in mind, SF Spanish teachers craft classes that work with a particular group or individual's learning interests.  Our teachers are professionals with strong backgrounds in teaching Spanish. They come from different areas of Latin America and bring their unique experiences and personal curiosity into the classroom.

SF Spanish also strives to create an active community of Spanish language learners. We hold quarterly SF Spanish Socials, where students and members of the public can meet with one another and speak together in Spanish. People look forward to these events. We also  have students contribute to our interactive website on a regular basis.

For student impressions of SF Spanish, read our Testimonials or Yelp! page.


What language levels do you accommodate?

We take students at all levels of instruction. Please refer to our class description page for more details.

How do I know what level I should take?

An SF Spanish teacher will meet with you, assess your level of language proficiency and then suggest a placement. We will also let you know when you are ready to move on to a higher level.


Where do you offer classes?

We currently hold classes in the Fillmore and Mission Districts of San Francisco. At the moment, we do not hold regular classes in the East Bay or Marin. If you would like to have a class in your area, just give us a call at 415- 735- 4184 or e-mail sfspanish@ymail.com. We will see how we can accommodate you. 

Class and Cancellation Policies  

For all classes, we ask that students sign a Cancellation Policy Agreement form. The form will cover the following information in detail.

Group Classes

  • Students must buy a minimum of 8 classes in advance.
  • We require 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel participation. If you do not give 48 hours notice, you are required to pay the full class price.
  • Each class has a maximum of 6 students and a minimum of 2 students.

If students cancel 48 hours or more (early cancel) before a class is scheduled and one student remains scheduled for the class, the remaining student will be notified as soon as possible that the class has been cancelled for that day and the class will be credited back to their account. Will will also try to accommodate this student with another class at their language proficiency level for that week. However, if students cancel 48 hours or less (late cancel) before the class is scheduled, class will continue as scheduled with the one remaining student.

If only one student is left in a class due to other students changing their schedules or dropping out, the class will be cancelled only until more students are available for that time slot and language proficiency level. The remaining student will be notified of the cancellation and given options for other class times at their level. This does not mean the class time is cancelled indefinitely.

Private Classes

  • We require 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel participation without penalty.

Semi-Private Classes

  • Semi-Private Classes are for two people only.
  • We require 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel participation without penalty.

If you have any questions -- or would like to schedule a class in your area --please contact us at  SF Spanish 415-735-4184 or e-mail us at sfspanish@ymail.com.

Please note that all sales are final

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