Current Group Class Descriptions


Beginner Classes

New Beginner

Designed for people who have no previous experience with Spanish language or who want a fresh start. Learn simple Spanish words in order to understand the basic properties of the language.

Beginner Level 1

This class is designed for students with no or very little previous experience with Spanish.

Beginner Level 1A

Ideal for people who have studied a little Spanish before. Get introduced to basic Spanish grammar concepts and conversation.

Beginner Level 1B

This is an excellent refresher course for students who have studied basic Spanish before. Review some of the main grammatical concepts while gaining fluency and comfort in speaking Spanish.

Beginner Level 1C

For students with a good grasp of basic Spanish but who need to work on some grammatical, conversational or writing skills.

Beginner Level 2

This is a great course for students who have previously studied basic Spanish. Review basic grammar concepts while gaining fluency and comfort in speaking at the basic level.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Level 1

Designed for people who understand the grammatical concepts very well but have difficulty speaking and writing Spanish. Improve your speaking skills while learning intermediate grammar concepts.

Intermediate Level 2

Conversation-driven classes for students with a fundamental understanding of intermediate grammar concepts. Conversation topics are drawn from your experience, newspaper articles and short blogging exercises that explore grammatical concepts.

Intermediate Level 2

A new conversation-driven class for students who know intermediate grammar concepts and are fluent in conversation. Each month you will learn a specific grammar topic. Discussions, readings and writing/blogging exercises will be based on that chosen topic.

Intermediate Level 3

Designed to build Spanish vocabulary and intermediate grammar concepts while  improving verbal and written fluency. Give your speaking style finesse. The class uses current newspaper articles to guide conversation and written essays to share ideas and opinions.

Advanced Classes

This class is designed for people who have studied Spanish for some time, have verbal, reading and written fluency and have mastered most Spanish grammatical concepts. Instructors use articles, films and literature to guide conversation. Knowledge of Spanish is assumed, and grammar is not taught in this class.

Drop-In Conversation Classes

These unique classes are for the sole purpose of practicing and sharing what you have learned about Spanish grammar. Nothing new will be taught. All levels are welcome. Highly recommended for students that have missed a couple of their regular classes. 


*Please cancel classes 48 hours in advance through our online booking system to avoid penalties.*


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