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Charla – a chat
Asustada – scared
Aliviada – relieved
Aunque – even tho
Corta – cut
Perezosa – lazy
Comprobar – to check, to prove
Gastos – expense
Desviarme – to divert (myself)
Apuntar – to aim
Longamizas – a type of spicy pork sausage
Muecas – face/facial gestures or grimaces
La cara – the face
Asombrarse – to be amazed
Quedar a menudo – to stay small?
Autoctona – indigenous, native
Tropezon – an obstruction
Desprenderse – to take off
Mareando – to make (sea)sick
Sucidiendo – happening
Bularse – to mock
Pactado – to agree on, to make a pact
Un lio – a fuss, a mess
Meterse – to get (oneself) into
Increparse – to rebuke onself
Reto – challenge
Guion – a script

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