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tarea por 21 feb - p 1-4 vocabulario y prejuntas

desafiar - to challenge or defy

aterrizar - to land

why doesn't she say "por LA primera vez a LOS UE"

de lo que - of what, which, than

rellenar - to fill (in, out)

facilitarse - to provide, facilitate

azafata - flight attendant

gastar - to spend

liarse - to confuse

la manta - poncho, cloth, blanket, rug

siquiera - even if

aguantar - to bear, to put up with

surgir - to arise

hubiera - past subjunctive of haber - no endendia (imperfect) que hubiera

los ahorros - savings

pararse - to stop

a pesar de - in spite of

lograr - to reach, to be able to

valentia - bravery

dejar de - to quit, to give up

miles - thousands

sin ton ni son - without rhyme or reason

vivencia - experience

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